Encyclia-x-darieniana-Memoria-Konstanty-Maciaszek-CHM/AOS-2023-07-15 *SITF confirms this plant as Encyclia x-darieniana (Jul 2023).

This plant was identified by one of the describing taxonomists, Ruben Sauleda, as definitely E. x darieniana. It matches the description and photos in the New World Orchidaceae 2019 paper "Nomenclatural Notes A New Natural Hybrid of Encyclia moebusii H. Dietr. (Orchidaceae) is Described for Cuba" by Davila, Esperon, and Sauleda. This plant fits the intermediate form between E. moebusii and E. phoenicea.

Posted on Jul 15, 2023

Eleven stellate flowers and 2 buds on a staked, arched 75 cm inflorescence emerging from the apex of the newest mature pseudobulb on a seven ovate predominately unifoliate pseudobulb plant, narrowly l...

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