Galeandra-magnicolumna-2023-10-17 *SITF confirms that this plant is Galeandra magnicolumna (Nov 2023).

The spelling of G. magnicolumna was corrected according to Kew POWO. The lip color is very light compared to most G. magnicolumna species than are shown in the available photos of this species, but can be seen. The lip hairs (trichomes) of this plant, a key characteristic, are identical to G. magnicolumna photos and match the description in the Lindleyana Vol. 10 (1995). The hairs on the underside of the column also match the drawing in the Lindleyana and can be seen back in the throat of the enlarged photos. There are thirteen closely matching photos of G. magnicolumna in the

Posted on Oct 17, 2023

Five well-presented flowers on one secondary inflorescence on a 55-cm deciduous plant grown semi-hydroponically in a 10-cm by 6-cm re-purposed plastic jam jar; sepals and petals chestnut, chartreuse m...

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Galeandra arundinis

Posted on Jun 10, 2016

                20161735 -20161736  PRJC           Galeandra arundinis, award 20161735 -20161736, has been confirmed to be Galeandra a...

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Galeandra chapadensis

Posted on Jan 7, 2009

Six decorative flowers on one arched terminal inflorescence; leafless pseudobulbs up to 35cm high, up to 4.7cm in diameter; petals and sepals upright, fanned, clear bronze-green; trumpet shaped lip wh...

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