Meiracyllium-trinasutum-var-album-2023-04-30 *SITF has confirmed this plant as Meiracyllium trinasutum (White Color Group) (May 2023).

The subspecies var. album has not been validly taxonomically identified for this taxon and therefore cannot be used. The term (White Color Group) is an acccepted designation used to deal with color forms that have no formal description. There are only two species recognized in this Genus, M. trinasutum and M. gemma; M. gemma has a very different flower than this plant; the lip is longer and more narrow; the pronounced beak-like extension of the column is much less pronounced and the throat is bright yellow. M. trinasutum flowers are typically purple.

Posted on Apr 30, 2023

Twelve flowers on three inflorescences on a 33-leaf plant 19-cm high and 14-cm wide mounted vertically covering the front of a small barkless log; leaves elliptical, entire, 3.5 cm wide by 5.0 cm long...

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