Paphiopedilum-leucochilum-2023-08-20 *Determined by SITF not to be Paphiopedilum leucochilum, but an unknown hybrid (Aug 2023).

Excess spotting on the lip and the pouch shape would indicate this plant is not P. leucochilum. The more or less pointed pouch would indicate probably P. bellatulum or P. concolor in the background and the staminode form would also indicate probably P. concolor. This plant likely has P. leucochilum, P. godefroyae, and maybe P. concolor or P. bellatulum in the background.

Posted on Aug 20, 2023

As stated in the final line of the description, multiple judges questioned the identity of the species.

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Paphiopedilum-leucochilum-var-album-2023-07-26 *SITF has determined this plant to be Paphiopedilum leucochilum (Yellow Form) (Aug 2023).

The true Paph. leucochilum has a clear white pouch without spots, for which the species was named. The sepals and petals on this flower is a pale cream-yellow with a lighter-to-white pouch devoid of spots, as can be seen in the photos. The award sheet states the dorsal sepal is "veined faint burgundy, almost imperceptible" with "petals spotted faint burgundy". This is difficult to see on the photos, since the burgundy is very faint, but it is there and this would negate an "album form". Also, there are no validly published subspecies, including variety album, for this species. The yellow form of P. leucochilum seems very rare and there were none found in the available images of P. leucochilum.

Posted on Jul 26, 2023

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Pahiopedilum-canhii-CHM/AOS-2023-07-09 *SITF confirms that this plant is Paphiopedilum canhii (Jul 2023).

The distinctive staminode of plant is a perfect match to that of P. canhii. A matching photo with the type specimen of P. canhii is shown in the May, 2010, AOS "Orchids" magazine article by Averyanov et. al. Very good, close matching photos are also in the IOSPE and OW.

Posted on Jul 9, 2023

One elegant flower and zero buds on a 9 cm inflorescence; leaves elliptic 2 cm wide, fan spread 8.5 cm, tessellated light and dark green; dorsal sepal ovate white, lower half veined maroon; petals whi...

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Paphiopedilum-areeanum-2023-06-22 *SITF confirms this plant is Paphiopedilum areeanum (Jun 2023).

Paphiopedilum areeanum is considered by some to be a natural hybrid between P. barbigerum and P. villosum; however, POWO (Kew) has accepted it as a species based on O. Gruss description in 2001.This plant and flowers are intermediate in size and habit between P. barbigerum and P. villosum. The flowers are also a good match to the photo and drawing in the IOSPE and the photo in It does not match the markings in the dorsal sepals in the photos in the OW, but these are inconsistent with the dorsal sepal markings found on the drawing and on both P. barbigerum and P. villosum, but more like the spotting pattern found on P. gratixianum.

Posted on Jun 22, 2023

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