Pleurothallis-bothros-2023-04-29 *SITF has confirmed this plant as Pleurothallis bothros (May 2023).

The length of the ramicaul is consistent with P. bothros as are the dimensions of the leaf and the large inflated floral bract. The dissected flower photo clearly shows the distinctive, almost teardrop shaped glenion at the base of the lip. Flower measurements of this plant also fit P. bothros. Supporting photos can be found in the OW, IOSPE (with a drawing), and

Posted on Apr 29, 2023

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Pleurothallis-coriacardia-Bryon-CBR-2022-11-24 *SITF confirms that this plant is Pleurothallis coriacardia (Jul 2023).

This plant and flowers matches the photos and description in the IOSPE; leaves are deeply cordate and flowers are singly produced on the inflorescences; flower size is large, but within range. Supporting photos can also be found in the and the OW.

Posted on Nov 24, 2022

Twenty-six pale yellow flowers and 32 buds on 58 fascile rising from the apex of the ramicaul through a spathe and carries tubular floral bracts; ramicauls slender, erect, light green, enveloped basal...

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Pleurothallis-(Anathallis)-sertularioides-Bryon-CHM-81-Pts-2022-10-20 *SITF confirms this plant as Anathallis sertularioides (Jul 2023).

Pleurothallis sertularioides is synonymous with Anathallis sertularioides. This flower matches Andy's Orchids photo in form and color in the IOSPE and the leaves and plant habit also match with A. sertularioides. This plant also matches the description and drawing of Anathallis sertularioides as Panmorphia sertularioides; in Luer's Icones Pleurothallidinarum 28 Systematics of Pleurothallidinae. Also matches several of the photos of A. sertularioides in

Posted on Oct 20, 2022

31 cupped flowers and 29 buds on 60 filiform inflorescence light green up to 1.5cm long that arise from the leaf base, mat forming, miniature sized, with a slender creeping rhizome and erect ramicauls...

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Pleurothallis-(Acronia)-ensata-Bryon-CBR-2022-07-19 *SITF confirms this plant as Pleurothallis ensata (May 2023).

This plant's identity as Pleurothallis ensata was confirmed by Dr. Carl Luer in May 2013; Dr. Luer was the taxonomist of record for this species. Matching photos can be found in iNaturalist: Colombia Plant Observations and The flower size also matches the description at .5 cm. The plant matches the Luer drawing found in the IOSPE.

Posted on Jul 19, 2022

Six flowers and six buds on 12 pale chartreuse fasciles up to 0.5 cm arising through a brown spathe; plant measures 35cm wide x 22cm tall growing in a 10cm square plastic pot with sphagnum moss, longe...

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Pleurothallis-notabilis-Extravagant-Explosion-CBR/AOS-2022-02-07 *SITF has confirmed this plant as Pleurothallis notabilis (Jul 2023).

This plant matches the original description in Orquideologia XIV No. 2, Feb 1981. The description as "laxly few flowered" refers to the number and arrangement of flowers on a single arrangement. This species flowers in profusion, but looking at the individual inflorescences, they are 4-5 flowered, matching Luer's drawing. The petals are elongate with a single midvein and the shape and structure of the leaf (broadly elliptic, ribbed, and distinctly petiolate) also match the description. There are some differences noted in this plant's leaf structure compared to the drawing of P. notabilis.

Posted on Feb 7, 2022

Approximately 1800 flowers on approximately 350 inflorescences up to 10 cm long emerging in dense clusters from the annuli of 14 growths of a well grown, 15-growth plant potted in a 10 cm plastic mesh...

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Pleurothallis-peculiaris-Bryon-CBR/CCM-2021-08-23***Confirmed as Pleurothallis peculiaris (Sep 2021); matches the drawing by Carl Luer and confirmed with the identification by Dr. Mark Wilson; closely matches photos in the IOSPE, OW and***

Posted on Aug 23, 2021

Forty-one flowers and three buds emanating from a conduplicate spathe 0.5cm wide x 1.5cm long, dry, brown from 44 narrowly cordate-ovate leaves to 4cm wide x 14cm long, coriaceous, dull green with mar...

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