Tolumnia-variegata-"Leslies-Dancing-Dolls-CCM/AOS-2023-03-24 *SITF confirms this plant as Tolumnia variegata (May 2023).

This plant matches the description in the IOSPE with thin, falcate leaves that are minutely serrulate, seen under magnification. The plant falls within the range of variability for this species. The flowers measure about 1.3 cm which matches in the OW the Baker's description of Tolu. leiboldii, which is synonymous with T. variegata. There are closely matching images in the OW, IOSPE and the show show the variability of this species.

Posted on Mar 24, 2023

One of the judges on the team requested that this be verified.

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Posted on May 16, 2018

At the request Julio David Rios, Chair of the Puerto Rico Judging Center I am submitting for verification the following species: Tolumnia prionochila (Kraenzl.) Braem, Orchidee (Hamburg) 37: 58 (1986)...

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Tolumnia quadriloba

Posted on Apr 2, 2013

Tolumnia quadriloba (C.Schweinf.) Braem, Orchidee (Hamburg) 37: 58 (1986).This name is accepted.originally published American Orchid Society Bulletin 14: 476. 1946. award number 20122402, FCJCTolumnia...

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