Campylocentrum-ornithorrhynchum-2023-03-09 *SITF has determined this plant to be Campylocentrum sellowii, not Campylocentrum ornithorrhynchum (Mar 2023).

Flower size and leaves are the key characteristics to this; this flower is about .25cm compared to .6cm for C. ornithorrhynchum; although the two species are quite similar in flower form and color, the differences are C. ornithorrhynchum has fewer roots per unit length of stem and the leaf section is cylindrical, about 4cm in length; in C. sellowii, the roots are many more and the leaf section is triangular, less than 3cm in length; there are practically no floral differences, except the nectary of C. sellowii is slightly more curved and the flower size is about half that of C. ornithorrhynchum. Due to the flower size and vegetation, this plant more closely matches C. sellowii than C. ornithorrhynchum. Matching photos of C. sellowii may be found in the OW and photos of C. ornithorrhynchum are found in

Posted on Mar 9, 2023

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