Cischweinfia-parva-2023-04-04 *SITF confirms this plant is Cischweinfia parva (Apr 2023).

This plant meets the description and drawings of C. parva in the Selbyana 25(1) 2004 article by Dressler, "A synopsis of Cischweinfia". C. emarginata, C. horichii and C. chasei are synonymous with C. parva and differ in minor characteristics, like number of flowers per inflorescence, flower size, and color of lip markings; the measurements on the SITF form appear to be incorrect for the pseudobulb size and were not used in identification; the spacing of 1cm between pseudobulbs does appear correct and using this as a measurement, the pseudobulb size and shape, the leaf shape and the flower form and size fits C. parva; supporting photos of C. parva are in the OW and IOSPE.

Posted on Apr 4, 2023

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Cischweinfia colombiana

Posted on Jun 29, 2013

Cischweinfia colombiana Garay, Orquideologia 8: 54 (1973).This name is accepted.award 20131939 PNWCischweinfia colombiana ,award 20131939, has been confirmed to be Cischweinfia colombiana by SITF(July...

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Cischweinfia pusilla var. pusilla

Posted on Dec 28, 2011

Cischweinfia pusilla var. pusilla, this name is accepted.Heterotypic Synonyms:Cischweinfia sheehaniae Christenson, Orchids 72: 126 (2003).Award 20115739, PRJC Cischweinfia pusilla var. pusilla, award ...

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