Gongora-fulva-2023-03-15 *SITF confirms this plant is Gongora fulva (Mar 2023).

The key characteristics are the strap-like posterior horns that extend out and then sharply turn down and are rounded at the ends, the extra hump just forward of those, the long horns, the pronounced hump just in front of them and the upturned apex of the epichile; supporting matching photos can be found in the OW, and the IOSPE.

Posted on Mar 15, 2023

This was entered into a show as Gongora tricolor. The team awarded it as Gongora fulva. Several judges in the room did not think this looked correct for that species, so asked for it to be submitted f...

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Gongora-grossa-2022-04-27 *SITF has determined that this plant is Gongora pardina, not Gongora grossa (Sep 2023).

This plant was identified as Gongora pardina by Dr. Gunter Gerlach, an authority on this genus. He stated it was not G. grossa/nigropunctata and identified it as Gongora pardina. G. pardina is from Ecuador and the exhibitor in his comments stated the plant came from Ecuagenera, although there is some question about the source; the comments in the blog also stated the plant came from Orquifollaje in Colombia. However, the description in the IOSPE states the species is also found in Colombia. There are supporting photos in the IOSPE, OW and the

Posted on Apr 27, 2022

The plant was bought from Francisco (Orquifollaje) in Colombia as was labeled Gongora grossa (nigropunctata).

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