Holcoglossum-phongii-Charmer-2020-03-19***Confirmed as Holcoglossum phongii (May 2020);  matches the description as Aerides phongii in Turczaninowia 17 (1): 6-9 (2014), "A New Species from Southern Vietnam", L. K. V.  Averyanov,; also matches photos of H. phongii in;***                

Posted on Mar 19, 2020

Purchased from Orchids by Hausermann; per KEW, country of origin is Vietnam; first published in Orchidee (Hamburg) 2(1)E: 6 (2016); Holcoglossum phongii f. album was subsequently described in Orchidee...

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Holocoglossum tangii

Posted on Feb 23, 2010

Dear Identifiers:My plant of /Holcoglossum tangii /received a provisional CHM award of 81 points at the Batavia Orchid Society Show on 2/20/10.Award # 20105409Nat. Spread: Horiz. 3.0cm Vert. 4.2cmD...

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