Lepanthes-guatemalensis-Tiny-Dancer-CHM/AOS-2021-12-18***Confirmed as Lepanthes guatemalensis (Mar 2022); very close match to multiple different photos in orchidroots and one of the photos by Eric Hunt in OW; flower width close to flower size in OW at 0.5 cm vs. 0.6 cm; very close match to line drawing in the SOF.***

Posted on Dec 18, 2021

Nine flowers and seven buds on 15 successively flowering inflorescences arising from the leaf axils of a 5 cm wide by 5 cm tall, 26-growth plant mounted using sphagnum moss on a 4 cm wide by 12 cm tal...

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Lepanthes-inaequisepala-2021-08-21***Confirmed as Lepanthes inaequisepala (Sep 2021); although the photos of the flower were of minimum quality making identification difficult, based on Luer's drawing and the description which matches this plant, it is determined to be L. inaequisepala.***

Posted on Aug 21, 2021

Four slightly cupped non-resupinate flowers four buds on 5 suberect, flexous, successively several flowered, racemose inflorescences up to 17cm; longest upright ramicaul 0.1cm wide x 6.5cm long with 6...

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