Macropodanthus-philippinensis-2023-06-13 *SITF has determined this plant is Macropodanthus cootesii, not M. philippinesis (Jul 2023).

This plant was identified definitely as M. cootesii by Jim Cootes; our thanks to Jim for aiding us in the research. The long, curving side lobes are a key characteristic of M. cootesii; in M. philippinensis, the side lobes are barely noticeable. In the 2011, "Orchids of the Philippines" by Jim Cootes, he states the segments of M. cootesii reflex very strongly after only a few days; this could make the flower size quite variable, depending on when the flower was measured. This plant closely matches a previous 2012 CHM award to M. cootesii 'Big Foot', which was also verified by SITF.

Posted on Jun 13, 2023

The plant was purchased from an orchid vendor in the Philippines

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