Posted on Dec 1, 2019

The exhibitor originally presented the plant under the name Maxillaria alpestris and the plant was awarded under that name. However, after researches were made, the exhibitor believes this would be a ...

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Maxillaria-schweinfurthiana-2019-11-06***Determined not to be M. schweinfurthiana; Confirmed as Maxillaria magliana (Feb 2020) the two species are very similar, however, based on the unique form and details of the lip, this is M. magliana; Mormolyca gracilipes is a synonym for M. magliana.***

Posted on Nov 6, 2019

Maxillaria schweinfurthiana (Garay & M.Wirth) Molinari The drawing that will be posted is of the species under the synonym Cyrtoglottis peruviana C.Schweinf. Species endemic to Peru. CHM/AOS

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Maxillaria-costaricensis-TOFs-Aibonito-CBR-2019-01-20***Determined to be Maxillaria variabilis var. unipunctata, based on the dark yellow flowers with a large intensely dark purple field on the lower half of the lip including the usually darker more glossy callus (April 2019)***

Posted on Jan 20, 2019

Plant was imported by Jeff Parket/Kathy Klet from Tropical Orchid Farm (TOF) under the name costaricensis from material brought from Panama - have emails on communications to prove this (Steve Gonzale...

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