Oncidium-lucianianum-2023-01-06 *SITF confirms this plant as Oncidium lucianianum (May 2023).

This is correct based on the description in Baker and Baker's 2006 "Orchid Species Culture: Oncidium/Odontoglossum Allaince" under the old synonym Odontoglossum lucianianum; this species has two keels covered with soft hairs and a column with a pair of wings in the form of slender, sharply pointed, fingerlike projections that emerge near the stigma. Matches illustration in Chase et. al. 1997, "The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Oncidium" (also as Odont. lucianianum) and to photos in the OW.

Posted on Jan 6, 2023

Documents are attached as PDF documents with the images.

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