Rodriguezia-dodsoniana-CBR/AOS-2024-02-01 *SITF confirms that this plant is Rodriguezia dodsoniana (Feb 2024).

This plant matches two images of R. dodsoniana in, both from Ecuagenera; this plant was also obtained from Ecuagenera. The species was named by H. Medina at Ecuagenera and is endemic to Ecuador. The flower size is in range and the color and markings match the species. The description of R. dodsoniana was published in the"Orchids" magazine 88(3):229-231.

Posted on Feb 1, 2024

Four pendent flowers on a up to 7.2-cm, staked, raceme emerging from a basal leaf bract on a flattened, ovoid, up to 4-cm pseudobulb; leaves lanceolate, erect, up to 29.5 cm by 2.3 cm; flowers white, ...

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