Telipogon-diabolicus-2022-10-24 *SITF confirms this plant is Telipogon diabolicus (Mar 2023).

The submitted photo match the species, T. diabolicus; the horns and lip, which form the image of a black devil figure, for which the species is named, is very evident in the photograph and is identical to the species; no other Telipogon to date shows this image; there are several supporting images of T. diabolicus on the Internet which are also a close match to this plant.

Posted on Oct 24, 2022

Country of origin Colombia

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Telipogon ortizii

Posted on Oct 4, 2015

        Telipogon ortizii Dodson & R.Escobar, Orquideologia 18: 242 (1993). This name is accepted.   Award number:  20151925 PNW   Name:  Telipog...

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Telipogon berthae

Posted on Apr 29, 2015

        Telipogon berthae P.Ortiz, Orquideologia 19(3): 13 (1994). This name is accepted. 20144156 west Palm   Telipogon berthae , award 20144156, h...

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Telipogon alexii

Posted on Apr 13, 2015

            20151185 NEJC Telipogon alexii, award 20151185, has been confirmed to be Telipogon alexii by SITF (April 2015).

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