Miltonia-moreliana-Robert-C-CCM/AOS---CHALLENGE-2024-02-11 *SITF has determined that this plant is most likely a hybrid, possibly Miltonia Anne Warne, not Miltonia moreliana (Feb 2024).

The original descriptions of M. spectabilis and M. moreliana (as var. moreliana) state unifloral inflorescences. There are publications and descriptions that indicate occasional two-flowered inflorescences, but never plants that consistently carry two, let alone three flowers. This plant appears to be a classic M. Anne Warne type hybrid. Flowers of M. Anne Warne are almost indistinguishable from M. spectabilis, but two to three flowered inflorescences is the norm for a well-grown M. Anne Warne. This flower's lip has an obtuse raised line in the middle crest of the three central keels, which is "M. clowesii-like", whereas the middle crest in M. moreliana ends in a noticeable knob-like structure. There is an awarded M. Anne Warne with three flowers on every inflorescence and another that had over half three-flowered inflorescences.

Posted on Feb 11, 2024

Miltonia moreliana ‘Robert C’ CCM 85 CHALLENGE Unfortunately, there is not a close up. The flower count per inflorescence is impossible for a species that typically has a single flower/inflorescenc...

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Rodriguezia-dodsoniana-CBR/AOS-2024-02-01 *SITF confirms that this plant is Rodriguezia dodsoniana (Feb 2024).

This plant matches two images of R. dodsoniana in, both from Ecuagenera; this plant was also obtained from Ecuagenera. The species was named by H. Medina at Ecuagenera and is endemic to Ecuador. The flower size is in range and the color and markings match the species. The description of R. dodsoniana was published in the"Orchids" magazine 88(3):229-231.

Posted on Feb 1, 2024

Four pendent flowers on a up to 7.2-cm, staked, raceme emerging from a basal leaf bract on a flattened, ovoid, up to 4-cm pseudobulb; leaves lanceolate, erect, up to 29.5 cm by 2.3 cm; flowers white, ...

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Phragmipedium-Mini-Grande-Shelley--CHALLENGE-2024-01-20 *SITF has determined this plant to be Phragmipedium Memoria Garren Weaver, not P. Mini-Grande (Jan 2024).

There is no evidence of P. humboldtii in this cross. P. humboldtii is very dominant in producing red coloration in the pouches of its progeny and that is completely absent in the pouch of this flower. With the probable parents of P. warszewiczianum x P. pearcei, this is P. Memoria Garren Weaver (AKA P. Andean Dream). Due to changes in synomomy, P. Memoria Garren Weaver and P. Andean Dream have the same parents; P. Memoria Garren Weaver, registered in 1994, is the older Grex name and should take precedence over P. Andean Dream, registered in 2013. Excellent photos of P. Memoria Garren Weaver which closely match this plant can be found in the orchidroots/Bluenanta.

Posted on Jan 20, 2024

This plant plainly used what was called Phrag. wallisii (now warszewiczianum) as one parent rather than humboldtii, making it the only awarded Phrag. Andean Dream. NO red coloration on the pouch whic...

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Oncidium-luteum-2024-01-13 *SITF confirms this plant is Oncidium luteum (Jan 2024).

Plant identification was confirmed at the judging session by the noted taxonomist, Dr. Franco Pupulin. The crest of this species consists of two flat blades that stick out 90 degrees and three tooth-like projections that point toward the midlobe. This is very distinctive and and clearly visible in the enlarged photo of the flower. A good image of this species can be seen in the IOSPE, which is almost identical to this flower.

Posted on Jan 13, 2024

Plant was verified by Franco Pupulin.

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Maxillaria-bicentenaria-2023-12-31 *SITF confirms that this plant is Maxillaria bicentenaria (Jan 2024).

This plant matches the description and photos of M. bicentenaria species in the Novataxa paper: "Species New to Science" The species is similar to M. pyhalae, but differs in the shape of the lip, callus and a keel-shaped ridge towards the top of the anther. There is an excellent article in Researchgate, "An Homage to Peru's Bicentenary Maxillaria bicentenaria orchidaceae, A New Species previously misidentified as M. pyhalae". This article has excellent photos, drawings and descriptions comparing and contrasting the two species.

Posted on Dec 31, 2023

Daniel Piedrahita, Country of origin Peru, previous identification provided by Kew Gardens. Pending SITF identification 66cm total length, upright climbing rhizome, one inflorescence per bulb, flower ...

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