Epidendrum-villenae-2023-12-18 *SITF has determined this plant to be Epidendrum prostratum (Lindl.) Cogn., not Epi. villenae (Feb 2024).

This plant matches Eric Hagstater's description and photo of Epi. prostratum in Icones Orchidacearum Fascicle 18(1), plate 1833. The leaves on the Epi. villenae plant photo and Hagstater's description do not look like this plant. Epi. villenae has violet flowers with much longer single-lobed, white lips. Also, Hagstater's drawing of Epi. villenae shows patches of pointed papillae on either side of the lip crest that are not seen in this flower.

Posted on Dec 18, 2023

Forms have been attached as PDF forms along with the images

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Epidendrum-hondurense-2023-06-29 *SITF confirms this plant as Epidendrum hondurense (Jul 2023).

This plant was identified to the exhibitor by Dr. Eric Hagsater, the authority in the Genus Epidendrum; Dr. Hagsater stated that this plant was definitely E. hondurense. The description and drawing for E. hondurense can be found in the ICONES Orchidacearum, Fascicle 11, The Genus Epidendrum, Part 7 by Hagsater, et. al. and ICONES Orchidacearum (16)1 (2018), Genus Epidendrum, Part 12. The inflorescences on this plant are simple racemes, not branched panicles; this characteristic along with the matching color and dimensions fits E. hondurense.

Posted on Jun 29, 2023

I have this plant for a very long time. My understanding is that it was legally collected in Central American in the late 1960's. Originally labeled as Epidendrum densiflorum, which it was obviously...

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Epidendrum-piliferum-M-&-B-CHM-83-Pts-2023-06-25 *SITF confirms this plant is Epidendrim piliferum (Jul 2023).

This plant matches the form and color of the description and photo in the IOSPE; it is a good match to the drawing by Jimenez, Hagsater, & Santiago also in the IOSPE. This plant is small compared to the drawing, which shows canes over 80-cm tall. Dressler states this species can be up to 2 meters. The cane size of this plant was 41cm. Other images can be found in the OW, and many other sites on the internet.

Posted on Jun 25, 2023

One hundred and seventy-two flowers on four upright terete green arching inflorescences, longest to 19cm; growths simple straight erect cane-like terete, largest 0.8cm in diameter by 41cm tall, carry...

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Epidendrum-amblostomoides-2022-06-08 *SITF has determined this plant to be Epidendrum subpurum, not Epi. amblostomoides (Jul 2023).

Identified with the aid of Dr. Eric Hagsater. Epi. amblostomoides has very small flowers with sepals only .4-cm long. In this plant the sepals are .8-cm long, so it is not Epi. amblostomoides. In addition, the leaves on this plant are about 1-cm wide and in Epi. amblostomoides, they are only .5-cm wide. The two possiblilites for this plant came down to Epi. subpurum and Epi. lanipes. Epi. lanipes has very short hairs on the column and ovaries for which it is named the Wooly column footed Epidendrum. This plant does not show any short, wooly hairs in any of the magnified photos, so it is not Epi. lanipes.

Posted on Jun 8, 2022

Approximately four thousand eight hundred flowers and 275 buds on 48 branching, terminal, pendulous inflorescences; sepals elliptical, light yellow-green, dorsal sepal porrect; petals yellow, spatulat...

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