Posted on Feb 27, 2024

Purchased at World Flora Supply in Thailand. Flowers and bracts too small to dissect, not able to measure segments. We provide detailed close-up photos instead.Corrected the Award Number to 20246903 ...

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Oberonia-costeriana-‘Irene’-Syn-Oberonia-obesa-CBR(Prov’l)-NEJC-NJ-21Jan23-2023-01-22 *Based on new information, SITF has re-determined this plant to be Oberonia cylindrica, not Oberonia mucronata (Aug 2023).

Dr. Daniel Geiger, the globally recognized authority in the Genus Oberonia, has reassessed this plant and now identifies it as Oberonia cylindrica. He also stated these two species are similiar and in the future O. cylindrica could possibly become a subspecies under O. mucronata.

Posted on Jan 22, 2023

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