Lepanthes-inaequisepala-2021-08-21***Confirmed as Lepanthes inaequisepala (Sep 2021); although the photos of the flower were of minimum quality making identification difficult, based on Luer's drawing and the description which matches this plant, it is determined to be L. inaequisepala.***

Posted on Aug 21, 2021

Four slightly cupped non-resupinate flowers four buds on 5 suberect, flexous, successively several flowered, racemose inflorescences up to 17cm; longest upright ramicaul 0.1cm wide x 6.5cm long with 6...

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Elleanthus-blatteus-2021-08-20***Confirmed as Elleanthus blatteus (Sep 2021); matches descriptions and photos in OW and IOSPE; originally described in the "Flora of Ecuador" No. 9, Garay 1978; Also matches photos in; drawing and photo may be found in "Native Orchids of Ecuador" Vol. 2 Dodson 2001.***

Posted on Aug 20, 2021

Plant from Ecuagenera Nursery - please see the online provisional award for more detailed description and measurements of the sepals - we saw these in the wild on trip to Ecuador near town of Zamora -...

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Posted on Aug 2, 2021

Two flowers on two inflorescences; presented on a 28-cm wide by 25-cm tall plant mounted on cork; segments white; spur 10.2-cm long pale green distally; column green 0.3-cm long , anther cap beige; s...

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Posted on Jul 23, 2021

Eight minute flowers on two inflorescences; dorsal sepal yellow, pink distally; lateral sepals white upper margin pink; petals yellow, pink distally; lip saccate pink, white internally, spur white 0.1...

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