Dendrochilum kopfii

Posted on Sep 10, 2015

Kew site not working20151290 NEJcDendrochilum kopfii, award 20151290, has been determined to be Dendrochilum kopfii by SITF (Nov 2015). 

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Dendrochilum yuccifolium

Posted on Feb 20, 2015

              Corrected description reads:       Approximately 600 pleasing stellate concolor cream flowers presented well on 13 infloresc...

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Dendrochilum javieriense

Posted on Jan 6, 2015

Presented at judging as Dendrochilum wenzellii.Dendrochilum javieriense Magrath, Bulmer & I.Shafer, Lindleyana 4: 135 (1989).This name is accepted.CCM "Approximately one thousand eight hundred twe...

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Dendrochilum propinquum 2

Posted on Oct 3, 2014

Dendrochilum propinquum Ames, Orchidaceae 6: 286 (1920).This name is accepted.20143444, Atlanta Judging CenterDendrochilum propinquum,Award#20143444, has been confirmed to be Dendrochilum propinquum b...

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