Cleisocentron-merrillianum-2022-10-24 *SITF has determined this plant to be Cleisocentron merrillianum (Sep 2023).

Cleisocentron merrillianum is very similar in flower characteristics to C. gokusingii, but they differ in plant characterisitcs. The original description, key and drawing show that C. gokusingii leaves are ligulate or strap-shaped; C. merrillianum leaves may be strap-shaped on a young plant, but on a mature plant they are terete. The leaves on this plant appear to be terete and, therefore, match C. merrillianum better than C. gokusingii. The key also indicates the leaves are distinctly constricted c. 2 cm below the apex on C. gokusingii, where C. merrillianum leaves are not constricted c. 2 cm below the apex. SITF was not able to obtain a photograph of this plant that show this feature and so our determination is qualified without this key distinction.

Posted on Oct 24, 2022

Sabah, Borneo OrchidWiz previous awards in Brazil, place Sao Paulo, 1st and Germany BM/DOG

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