Posted on Jun 8, 2022

Approximately four thousand eight hundred flowers and 275 buds on 48 branching, terminal, pendulous inflorescences; sepals elliptical, light yellow-green, dorsal sepal porrect; petals yellow, spatulat...

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Epidendrum-thurstoniorum-2019-11-10***Confirmed as Epidendrum carnevalii, not Epi. thurstoniorum (Jun 2020); identified with the aid of Dr. Eric Hagstater; this plant matches the description and type drawing by Hagstater and Jimenez found in Icones Orchidacearum 3, 1999, Plate 321.***               

Posted on Nov 10, 2019

Pedicel length: 3.2 cm Granted an AM/AOS as Epidendrum thurstoniorum . The possibility of this being trialatum was considered. Some doubt this is either of them. This is the only information provide...

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