Habenaria-macroceratitis-2023-09-05 *SITF confirms this plant is Habenaria macroceratitis (Sep 2023).

Confirmation is based on the description in McVaugh's 1985 "Flora Novo-Galiciana" (Vol. 160) which delineates the difference between this species and H. quinqueseta. The key characteristic is the difference between the upper and lower lobes of the petals with H. macroceratitis being greater than H. quinqueseta in the lower lobe, as seen in this plant. Also, this plant matches the description and key in Brown's 2002 "Wild Orchids of Florida". It is close match to Subrahmanyam's photo in the IOSPE and photos in the

Posted on Sep 5, 2023

Ten flowers and four buds spirally arranged on a 69.2 cm staked racemose inflorescence; 22 cm diameter plant grown in a 12 cm diameter pot in terrestrial mix; leaves lanceolate to 14 cm long by 4 cm w...

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Habenaria-crinifera-2022-10-20 *SITF confirms that this plant is Habenaria crinifera (Mar 2023).

This plant matches photos of Habenaria crinifera in the IOSPE, POWO, and OW; the flower form is very distinctive in this species; although the description in the IOSPE states 2-4 flowers on up to a seven to 12-cm inflorescence, the herbarium specimen in the POWO shows numerous flowers on one very long inflorescence as is this plant with eleven flowers and one bud on one 44-cm inflorescence.

Posted on Oct 20, 2022

Eleven white flowers and one bud on one strong, upright 44cm terminal inflorescence on a terrestrial, tuberous plant grown in an 6cm plastic pot of small bark mix, 6 basally clustered, oblong-lanceola...

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