Prosthechea-fragrans-2023-04-16 *SITF has determined this plant is Prosthechea chimborazoensis, not Prosthechea fragrans (May 2023).

This finding is based on correspondence received from the Montreal Botanic Gardens. The plant was previously identified as P. chimborazoensis from 1959 to 2008, but changed the name when it was considered synonymous with P. fragrans by Kew's Orchid Checklist; it was not returned to the correct name when Kew segregated the species into two separate taxons. The plant was wild collected in Ecuador by Jose Strobel in 1956 and identified as Epi. chimborazoensis by Garay in 1959. The major distinguishing feature separating the two species are spots on the sepals and petals on P. chimborazoensis and this plant; P. fragrans is whiter and devoid of spots.

Posted on Apr 16, 2023

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Posted on Jun 30, 2017

Nomenclature: Prosthechea campylostalix (Rchb.f.) W.E.Higgins, Phytologia 82: 377 (1997 publ. 1998). Homotypic Synonyms: * Epidendrum campylostalix Rchb.f., Bot. Zeitung (Berlin) 10: 730 (1852). Encyc...

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Prosthechea trulla

Posted on Sep 1, 2014

          Prosthechea trulla (Rchb.f.) W.E.Higgins, Phytologia 82: 381 (1997 publ. 1998).   This name is accepted.   20145307  PNW       Prosth...

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