Scaphyglottis-pulchella-2023-08-24 *SITF confirms this that this plant is Scaphyglottis pulchella (Aug 2023).

Scaphyglottis pulchella and S. clavata are very similar; however, Scaphyglottis pulchella plants are almost reedstemmed, whereas those of S. clavata have distinctly swollen upper sections (Club-Shaped) and much broader leaves. Also, S. pulchella has larger flowers with larger, fatter sepals and petals and a wider lip. Supporting images are found in the IOSPE, and the OW. Identification was confirmed as well by Dr. Franco Pupulin.

Posted on Aug 24, 2023

The ID was confirmed by Franco Pupulin who was on site. Scaphyglottis pulchella 'Caleb Emiliano' CHM/84   20236216Nineteen pendent, nodding flowers and one bud on 17 fasciculate inflore...

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