Phalaenopsis-kapuasensis-2023-02-20 *SITF confirms this plant is Phalaenopsis kapuasensis (Jun 2023).

This species is related to P. rundumensis, but P. kapuasensis has shorter sepals and petals, not more than 1.7-cm long, a lip with a hairy midlobe and different shaped side lobes. The key characteristic sepatrating the two is the presense of short, thick hairs on the upper surface of the lip midlobe, which can be easily seen on this plant. This plant exhibits the denticulate bristles on the lip which are unmatched by other species as well as the odd structures at the end of the side lobes. Flower size matches the description and the flower matches the photos in the IOSPE, OW and many photos in

Posted on Feb 20, 2023

Five flowers and one bud on one 11 cm flowering inflorescence, 10 buds on a 16.5 cm inflorescence plus two emerging inflorescences; plant 36cm long x 23 cm wide in a 9 cm clear plastic pot planted in ...

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Phalaenopsis-lueddemanniana-2022-06-24 *SITF has determined this plant to be Phalaenopsis cf. lueddemanniana (May 2023).

This plant has enough similar features to be considered Phal. cf. lueddemanniana (cf. a Latin abbrev. to describe a specimen that is like or similar to a taxon, but with a degree of uncertainty); however, there are some features which also suggest it could be an intergrade hybrid. For example, the lip should not be spade/trowel-shaped, but rounded and flat, not folded in the center; the widening of the thickened patch at the end of the lip midlobe could possibly be from a different species. This plant does show the trichomes on the apical area and the dense papillae on the posterior callus. Also, Christenson states, this species, even after the exclusion of several former species, is still variable.

Posted on Jun 24, 2022

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Phalaenopsis-equestris-formosana-2020-01-28***Confirmed as Phalaenopsis equestris; Taiwanese plants (formosana) do not differ in any significant way from plants of Philippine origin; plants of Taiwanese origin originally described as P. riteiwanensis found in S. Taiwan; P. riteiwanensis is a synonym of P. equestris.***

Posted on Jan 28, 2020

20194752 Phalaenopsis equestris formosana `KBCC’ CHM/AOS 83 Points Fourteen flat, richly colored, attractive flowers and four buds on one branched, arched inflorescence; sepals lavender; petals deepe...

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