Phalaenopsis-equestris-formosana-2020-01-28***Confirmed as Phalaenopsis equestris; Taiwanese plants (formosana) do not differ in any significant way from plants of Philippine origin; plants of Taiwanese origin originally described as P. riteiwanensis found in S. Taiwan; P. riteiwanensis is a synonym of P. equestris.***

Posted on Jan 28, 2020

20194752 Phalaenopsis equestris formosana `KBCC’ CHM/AOS 83 Points Fourteen flat, richly colored, attractive flowers and four buds on one branched, arched inflorescence; sepals lavender; petals deepe...

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Pescatorea-wallisii-2020-01-26***Confirmed as Pescatoria wallisii (Feb 2020) (note corrected genus spelling); matches photos and description in the IOSPE and in Harding's, "Huntleyas and Related Orchids"; also based on large plant size, which would only fit P. wallisii.***

Posted on Jan 26, 2020

Pescatorea wallisii has 2 previous AOS awards 19630056 (CBM) and 19630082 (CCM), but there are no metrics or photos as these predated AQ Plus. Description: Nineteen flowers and two buds on twenty-one...

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