Sudamerlycaste (Ida)-Portillae--Pepes-Vision-HCC/AOS-2017-07-28- Determined to be Sudamerlycaste lat

Sudamerlycaste (Ida)-Portillae--Pepes-Vision-HCC/AOS-2017-07-28- Determined to be Sudamerlycaste lata

Judging Center: Cincinnati

Award Number: 20171629

Award Date: February 18, 2017

Awarded As: Ida Portillae ' Pepe's Vision' HCC/AOS

This award was granted under a commercial name not listed in WCSPF but that is easily matched to a name that is. Google Ida portillae and you will find : “Synonyms Ida lata [Rolfe] Oakley 2003; Ida portillae Hort; Lycaste fowliei Oakeley 1994; *Lycaste lata Rolfe 1910; Sudamerlycaste fowliei (Oakeley) Archila 2002” --------------------------------------------------------- Sudamerlycaste lata (Rolfe) Archila, Revista Guatemal. 5(3): 82 (2002). This name is accepted. ________________________________________ Distribution: S. Ecuador to Peru Homotypic Synonyms: * Lycaste lata Rolfe, Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1910: 370 (1910). Ida lata (Rolfe) A.Ryan & Oakeley, Orchid Digest 67: 17 (2003). * Basionym/Replaced Synonym ________________________________________ Heterotypic Synonyms: Lycaste fowliei Oakeley, Orchid Digest 58: 23 (1994). Sudamerlycaste fowliei (Oakeley) Archila, Revista Guatemal. 5(3): 80 (2002). ______________________________ A search in SOF will yield: ___________________________ A search in the AOS Archives for Orchids and Bulletins yields:[object Object] The April 1991 issue of the Bulletin contains the first of a series in a survey of fimbriate Lycaste with a key for them and information on Lycaste lata.



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