CHALLENGE-Papilionanda-Arjuna-2022-08-25***SITF determined this plant not to be Papilionanda Arjuna, but an unknown hybrid (Aug 2022);
 Even considering variations in P. Arjuna, the flower color, shape of the midlobe, side lobes and margins of the petals are inconsistent with P. Arjuna, which generally has tan to brown overlays and more undulated petals from P. Mimi Palmer and V. tessellata.***

Judging Center: Houston

Award Number: 20224134

Award Date: August 06, 2022

Awarded As: **CHALLENGE **Papilionanda Arjuna**

This award is being challenged as not Pda. Arjuna, due to the color of the flowers and entire margins of the petals, which are not consistent with Arjuna (all the other awards have petals with undulate margins). It is suggested that this flower is instead Pda. Kyra Green 'Minghus' AM/AOS a mericlone from originator Pachara Orchids.



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