Anathallis adenochila

Anathallis adenochila*** with the assistance of Adam Karremans this has been determined to be Anathallis pachyphyta (Dec 2018)***

20151893 – PNW 

Twenty-five diminutive flowers and 30
buds on 42 sequential blooming inflorescences to 2.4 cm long fully arrayed
beneath single leaf growths, leaves to 1.5 cm wide by 4.0 cm long atop petioles
to 3.0 cm; compact plant 16 cm diameter by 6.0 cm tall well-grown in bark in
rectangular wooden basket 9 cm by 7 cm; sepals golden orange; petals and lip
dark maroon; column light green, distally suffused red; substance firm; texture
matte; recognized for rarity in cultivation and educational value;  Plant from Colombia. Provisionsal (NOTE:  Kew lists the name for this species as valid
and native to S. & SE. Brazil.)


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