Bulbophyllum-hirundinis-var-calvum-2018-09-06****Verified as Bulbophyllum karenkoensis var. puniceum (Dec 2018), based on the vermillion color with basal black veins, and the caespitose growth habit***

Judging Center: Dallas Judging Center

Award Number: 20182360

Award Date: August 11, 2018

Awarded As: Bulbophillum hirundis var calvum

Twenty flowers and six buds on four inflorescences plus four additional immature inflorescences, 0.7 cm long pseudobulb, 3.7 cm long leaf, plant is 15 cm diameter by 4.5 cm grown in sphagnum; inflorescence unbellate, orange red proximally, light orange distally; dorsal sepal ciliate cream colored veined dark red; lateral sepal fused medially; petals ciliate, minute, cream colored, veined dark red; lip orange column yellow; substance good texture diamond dust; country of origin Taiwan; Commended as an example of a previously not awarded, significantly different variety of the species; Award is provisional pending taxonomic verification.


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