Cattleya lobata confirmed to be Cattleya purpurata

Cattleya lobata confirmed to be Cattleya purpurata

From Carson Barnes: This was awarded yesterday in Atlanta as Cattleya lobata with award no. 2013 2481.  Present growths aren't as big as before it was divided last year,a big bulb on this one is 21 cm tall with a 29 cm long leaf.  Flowers are 13 - 14 cm across, fruity fragrance; the judges liked the form and color of this one.  It blooms a few weeks after the last purpuratas finish for me ('Blue Lyre' is the last of them).

It came to me in a batch of C. purpurata from Ricsel, via Tom Perlite at Golden Gate Orchids.  They'd sold him a whole range of purpurata variations, all labeled as one cross of var. carnea - "blues" that were deformed, violet lipped ones, striatas came out of the group - and this one has these delicte colors, tapered petals held at an angle a bit higher than all the obvious purpuratas in the bunch.

Judges were uncertain whether it's lobata or Pulcherrima (purpurata x lobata). 

 Atlanta as Cattleya lobata with award no. 2013 2481

Cattleya lobata, award no. 2013 2481, has been confirmed to by Cattleya purpurata by SITF (July 2013), with assistance of Cassio van den


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