Cribbia pendula

Cribbia pendula

Cribbia pendula la Croix & P.J.Cribb, Kew Bull. 52: 747 (1997).

This name is accepted. Distribution: São Tomé

Description from award: Twenty-three flowers and two buds on 11 inflorescences well presented on a 21.5 cm. tall by 20 cm. wide plant grown in a 10 cm. pot; sepals and petals translucent light green; dorsal sepal erect, lateral sepals down swept; petals forward arched slightly covering lateral portions of lip; lip medium translucent green, 1.1 cm. long ascending spur parallel to dorsal sepal; excellent example of the newly erected genus Cribbia, compact plant, well flowered with an arched inflorescence at 11 of the 14 leaf junctures; commended for floriferousness and compactness.

Arthur Pinkers, San Diego, Pacific south, award 20092427

Cribbia pendula , award 20092427 has been confirmed to be Cribbia pendula by SITF (MAY 2011).  


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