Maxillaria ecuadorensis determined to be Maxillaria luteo-grandiflora

Maxillaria ecuadorensis determined to be Maxillaria luteo-grandiflora

And yes I told them next time to send it to the aos. This should be good. I know what Eric’s answer is, but I think he is wrong. I have this one plus others that clearly are different and eric says they are all the same. Mario had me send the pictures of the bunch to Carnevali…and no reply. As many of us in the pnw have pieces of bunches of these, getting the right name will be nice.

From: William Jasen [] Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 8:34 PMTo: Bill Zimmerman;; Bergen Todd; william_g_bill_jasen@rl.govSubject: SITF form for Award 20087328

Bill Thanks for reminding me that I could still send in my provisional award for identification or confirmation of the plant.Attached is the SITF Information Form for my plant identified by Selby as Max ecuadorensis (which is obviously wrong). Photos from Mike Pearson are also attached. The orchid is very similar to Max triloris but many people have told me it is something different.

History on the plant is that it came from Lil Severin's collection out of Cupertino CA. Lil and Hank Severin collected the plant from South America and the story is a bit inconclusive as to which country. One story says the plant is from Ecuador the other story is that its from Venezuela. Lil and Hank passed on many years ago so there is no way to obtain more info on the plant. But I am sure it is collected or imported as I recall having seen the plant in their greenhouse many many years ago in the 1970's.

One oddity - the plant has a dozen growths with leaves, 11 are a single leathery leaf, and one has 2 leaves emanating from the pseudobulb. Hopefully the SITF can provide a conclusive identification.

Bill Jasen

Maxillaria ecuadorensis, award 20087328,has been determined to be Maxillaria luteo-grandiflora by SITF, July 2009, with assistance from Eric Christenson. There is already a CHM to this species. If you feel this clone is different from the previous award, state those differences in your description and process the award, otherwise the award will be nullified.

Patricia Harding


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