Neofinetia xichangensis

Neofinetia xichangensis

#20113271 - provisional CHM/AOS, 83
pts. to Neofinetia xichangensis:  "Sixteen flowers on five
inflorescences on 20-cm by 11-cm multigrowth plant grown in 60-cm square
plastic pot of sphagnum moss; rigid, distichus leaves conduplicate; flowers
white; dorsal sepal upright, lateral sepals and petals reflexed; trilobed lip
ovate-oblong; anther cap light green; substance firm; texture matte; species
native to China, Japan and Korea; commended for rarity, educational value and
breeding potential; identified by..."

(cm):  NS 1.1 x 2.0

DS 0.4 W x 1.3 L

0.3 W x 1.1 L

Lip 0.4 W x 1.0 L

Awarded March 11, 2011 at the Atlanta

Neofinetia xichangensis, award #20113271, has been confirmed to be Neofinetia falcata by SITF (August 2012).


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