Oncidium coloratum, confirmed to be Gomesa colorata

Oncidium coloratum, confirmed to be Gomesa colorata

Dear Orchid Identification Friends;

I recently received a CBR/AOS on Oncidium coloratum from Brazil, purchased from Andy's Orchids on a Stick. Of course it needs an ID.

Width in cm. Length in cm.

Natural Spread: Horiz 1.4 1.6

Dorsal Sepal: 0.6 0.8

Petal: 0.5 0.7

Lateral Sepal: 0.6 0.8

Lip: 0.4 0.7


Ten flowers borne on two 5.5cm decumbent inflorescences; plant 4.5 x 4.0cm growing on a hardwood twig, covered in moss; pseudobulb ovate, leaves elliptical 0.9 x 1.3cm;

flowers transluscent cream, sepals overlaid light cinnamon basally; petals heavily overlaid red brick; lip bright yellow overlaid red brick basally; substance good; texture matte. Recognized for its rarity and educationalmpurposes.

I am attatching some pictures.

Thanks in advance,

Walter Crawford

award # is 20105437. The center chair name is James Spatzek, his e-mail  mailto:e-mailjamcam21@sbcglobal.net

Oncidium coloratum Königer & J.G.Weinm.bis, Arcula 2: 51 (1994).

Accepted Name: Gomesa colorata (Königer & J.G.Weinm.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams, Phytotaxa 1: 58 (2009).

The name the Brasilians use for this species- Baptistonia colorata (Königer & J.G.Weinm.bis) Chiron, Richardiana 8: 120 (2008).

Oncidium coloratum, award 20105437, has been confirmed to be Gomesa colorata (Oncidium coloratum, Baptistonia colorata) by SITF (Nov 2010). You may now process the award.


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