Phalaenopsis-equestris-formosana-2020-01-28***Confirmed as Phalaenopsis equestris; Taiwanese plants (formosana) do not differ in any significant way from plants of Philippine origin; plants of Taiwanese origin originally described as P. riteiwanensis found in S. Taiwan; P. riteiwanensis is a synonym of P. equestris.***

Judging Center: Pacific Central

Award Number: 20194752

Award Date: November 13, 2019

Awarded As: Phalaenopsis equestris formosana

20194752 Phalaenopsis equestris formosana `KBCC’ CHM/AOS 83 Points
Fourteen flat, richly colored, attractive flowers and four buds on one branched, arched inflorescence; sepals lavender; petals deeper lavender highlighted by a dark lavender dart over basal half; lip lavender, midlobe overlaid rich orange, side lobes and calli yellow basally, spotted fuchsia; column bright lavender, anther cap white; substance firm; texture sparkling; an example of the rare population known from Taiwan.


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