Scaphyglottis-fusiformis-2017-06-26***SITF has confirmed this is Scaphyglottis fusiformis (August 2018)***

Judging Center: Puerto Rico JC

Award Number: 20174889

Award Date: January 01, 0001

Awarded As: Scaphyglottis fusiformis

Approximately 180 flowers and 160 buds held on approximately 170 few-flowered (two to four) inflorescences arising through the middle of the up-up to 60 cm lanceolate leaves from the apex of single-leaved, narrow, fusiform and up to 20 cm long pseudobulbs; creeping pseudobulbs mounted on a tree log , forming a sphere of pseudobulbs, leaves and flowers; flowers creamy white; sepals elliptic to lanceolate, acute, light maroon veins centrally dorsal sepal bent forward covering column; petals elliptic, porrect, dark maroon longitudinal veins centrally; lip, bent centrally, sub flabellate, cuneate, slightly bifid, prominent central groove; column and anther cap overlaid chartreuse; substance soft; texture crystalline; per WCSPF natural distribution from Costa Rica to Southern Tropical America; awarded as Scaphyglottis fusiformis (Griseb.) R.E.Schult., Bot. Mus. Leafl. 17: 205 (1957); preliminary determination (pending SITF verification) made by Franco Pupulin who was present at the show.


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