Serapias-olbia-2019-06-27***Confirmed as Serapias olbia (Dec 2020); this Genus is very challenging to positively identify; three species, S. paviflora, S. vomeracea, and S. olbia are morphologically very similar, as well as hybrid swarms complicate identification, but with the kind assistance of Dr. Henrik Pedersen, Emeritus Associate Professor, Ph.D. we were able to finally validate this plant; the description in the "Orchids of Europe, North Africa and Middle East" by Pierre Delforge, showed the lip and throat of this plant matches well with S. olbia and other available photos also match well with this plant.***

Judging Center: Cincinnati

Award Number: 20191739

Award Date: March 10, 2019

Awarded As: Serapias olbia


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