Stanhopea connata confirmed to be Stanhopea nigripes

Stanhopea connata confirmed to be Stanhopea nigripes

4) 20105071 Stanhopea connata ‘Jardin botanique de Montréal’

CCM 85 points


Width Length

Natural Spread 11.0 11.9

Dorsal Sepal 3.5 6.0

Petals 2.1 5.5

Synsepal 5.0 7.1

Pouch 2.2 7.5

Five flowers on one pendent inflorescence, 12 buds on two other pendent inflorescences plus two emerging inflorescences borne on a 66 cm by 90 cm plant grown in a 27 cm octagonal wooden basket; sepals and petals dark yellow spotted mahogany, petals light apricot proximally; hypochile dark yellow blotched dark maroon, mesochile and epichile dark yellow spotted mahogany; column pale green spotted maroon with translucent wings, anther cap cream. Substance firm, texture matte.

Stanhopea connata Klotzsch, Allg. Gartenzeitung 22: 226 (1854).

Distribution: Colombia to Peru

Stanhopea connata , award 20105071, has been confirmed to be Stanhopea nigripes by SITF (Dec 2010) with assistance of Rudolf Jenny.


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