Telipogon williamsii

Telipogon williamsii







Telipogon williamsii P.Ortiz, Orquideologia 25: 127 (2008).


* Cordanthera andina L.O.Williams, Lilloa 6: 244 (1941).

Stellilabium andinum (L.O.Williams) Garay & Dunst., Orchids Venezuela: 1004 (1979).

Telipogon andinus (L.O.Williams) N.H.Williams & Dressler, Lankesteriana 5: 168 (2005), nom. illeg.

Award 20144908 (Great Lakes Judging Center)


Telipogon williamsii , award 20144908, has been confirm to

Telipogon williamsii by

SITF (Dec. 2014). 


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