Trichoglottis philippinensis

Trichoglottis philippinensis

20122679 CHM, Toronto

Trichoglottis philippinensis Lindl., Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 15: 386 (1845).

This name is accepted.

Distribution:     Borneo to Philippines

flowers on 29 axillary inflorescences borne on a branched, 78cm high by
17cm wide plant grown in a 15cm wide basket; leaves alternate,
elliptical, 2.4cm by 5.7cm; sepals and petals pale yellow overlaid
rose-tan centrally, leaving a pale picottee; lip  five lobed, white with
pink stripes laterally, hirsute adaxially; column chartreuse, periphery
of stigma lined pink; anther cap beige; substance firm; texture matte;
lightly fragrant.

Missed in the description is that the sidelobes and base of the lip adaxially are egg yolk yellow.

Trichoglottis philippinensis, award 20122679, has been confirmed to be Trichoglottis philippinensis by SITF( Nov. 2012). 


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