CHM-2019-08-07-Rhynchostylis rieferi***Confirmed as Rhynchostylis retusa, not R. rieferi (May 2020); lip apex straight or downturned and tip of spur rounded, describes R. retusa; upturned mucronate appendix on the tip of the midlobe with the tip of the spur truncate, describes rieferi; the tips of the spurs shown in the first photo appear to be rounded and the midlobe tips appear downturned, which fit R. retusa and not R. rieferi; also, the leaves do not fit description for R. rieferi.***

Judging Center: Shreveport

Award Number: 20196017

Award Date: July 27, 2019

Awarded As: CHM

Plant purchased from Purificacion Orchids of the Philippines in May of 2019 at the Redlands Orchid Festival. Partial invoice copy available. Additional source information maybe available from Purificacion if required. John Nelson


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