Oberonia-mindorensis-2021-07-18***Determined to be Oberonia leytensis, not Oberonia mindorensis (July 2021) with the help of Dr. Daniel Geiger; this flower has the characteristics of O. leytensis: O. leytensis has a strong V-shaped callus on the center of the lip, which is absent in O. mindorensis; O. leytensis has erose, square margins of the epichile, where O. mindorensis margins are rounded and entire; O. leytensis typically has orange coloration, whereas O. mindorensis is usually yellow; this is a good match to the line drawing and photo in the IOSPE.***

Judging Center: NEJC East Hanover NJ

Award Number: 20214877

Award Date: July 17, 2021

Awarded As: Oberonia mindorensis



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